Jun 4, 2019

Episode 08 - Wizard Of Wor

In Episode 8 I talk about Wizard Of Wor. One of the many things you’ll learn about Wizard Of Wor is there is a foreign language version.

Wizard Of Wor Fan Site

Kevin Butler - Wizard Of Wor FAQ

Gaming History

Creature Visibility Proof - YouTube

KLOV (Killer List Of VideoGames)


The Cutting Room Floor

Make Love Not Wor

Father & Son Interview - World Record - YouTube

Wizard Of Wor Game Manual

Interview With Tom McHugh - The History Of How We Play

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Mar 12, 2019

Episode 07 - Louisville Arcade Expo

In this short episode I give a quick overview of the 9th annual Louisville Arcade Expo and why you should go to next year's.

Mar 8, 2019

Episode 06 - Interview With Mike Dietrich - Q*bert Player Extraordinaire

In Episode 6 I interview Mike Dietrich. On March 3 2017 he put up 6,006,005 points on Q*bert and met Jeff Lee. Listen as we talk all things Q*bert, including pro-level strategies.

Feb 25, 2019

Episode 05 – Q*bert

In Episode 5 I talk about Q*bert. One of the many things you’ll learn about Q*bert is there is a glitch that causes all enemies to stop appearing for 15 mins.

Dec 26, 2018

Episode 04 - Interview With Paul Hornitzky - MGL (MAME Gaming League) & WCE (World Championship of eSports) Coordinator

In Episode 4 I interview Paul Hornitzky who runs the MGL/WCE global arcade tournaments. We discuss this and many other gaming topics in this 80 min interview.  If you want to know gaming from its beginnings to the present day and have a bit of a laugh, then tune in for some fun and entertainment.

Nov 23, 2018

Episode 03 – Tapper

In Episode 3 I talk about Tapper. One of the many things you’ll learn about Tapper is there is a version from Sega that they deny making...

Oct 1, 2018

Episode 02 - BurgerTime

In Episode 2 I talk about BurgerTime.  One of the many things you'll learn about BurgerTime is that after level 28, BurgerTime does something very strange...

 Arkie Awards Electronic Games Jan 1984

Arkie Awards

G-Mode Buys Up Data East Catalog


Show notes to come.

Sep 25, 2018

Episode 01 - Interview With Marty Charlebois - Owner of the Game Over Scoreboard

In Episode 1 I interview Marty Charlebois.  Owner and curator of the Game Over Score Board on Facebook.

If you want to join the Game Over score board check it out below.

Game Over Score Board - Facebook


Sep 12, 2018

Episode 0 (An Introduction)

Episode 0 of the 80s Arcade Podcast.  This is a short introduction to what the podcast will be and a little information about your host, Bob Johnson.